About Us

Gabby and Maddy photograph at recent M Squared Fitness CrossFit competition

Hi, we are sisters Gabby and Maddy and we run WODMYLIFE.

 After a whirlwind introduction to CrossFit, it’s fair to say we fell in love with everything about CrossFit. 

Like most CrossFit nutters, we followed and supported our favorite athletes, trainers and boxes.

We wanted to wear the kit that our favourite athletes use and love.

After many trips to different boxes and competitions across the World, we started to notice some great products that we liked. We tried them out ourselves and once we knew that they not only looked great, but could improve our WOD efforts, we thought it would be great to bring them to the UK. 

Over the last few years we have been lucky enough to work alongside some of the greatest Elite Crossfit athletes... Ben Smith, Pat Vellner, Sam Briggs, David Shorunke. We have produced apparel for them, raising funds to support their CrossFit Games.

The sport is constantly evolving, as are we! Keep an eye on the website to find new accessories and support your favourite athletes too. 

 Maddy and Gabby.

(sometimes you're just not sure if you're going for a hug or a high five!)

Photo credits: Neil Shearer Photography