David Shorunke

January 2020. Strength in Depth, London. 

David Shorunke achieves something that will go down in British CrossFit history. He wins his place to the CrossFit Games in front of a roaring home crowd. An incredible achievement off the back of a strong, dominant performance in the Open. Finishing 35th worldwide and 3rd in the UK. 

A lot has happened since then, CrossFit featured in the news for all the wrong reasons and emotions running high. But David has his head down, focused on the plan and is getting on with work. 

If you speak to anyone who knows David, they will all tell you that he is one of the hardest working athletes in the game. A relentless, focused, considered approach to training which gets results.

“Without commitment, you will never start. But more importantly, without consistency, you will never finish. It’s not easy.. Keep working, keep striving, never give up. Fall down seven times, get up eight. Ease is a greater threat to progress than hardship. So, keep moving, keep growing, keep learning. SEE YOU AT WORK.”

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