What's your approach to the Open?

So are you going to give it a go and get involved? 


CrossFitters seem to fall into one of three categories when approaching the Open:


  • The DO or DIE CrossFit Wanker” 


You know the type… He/ She has been counting down the days to the open since August and has put more time and effort planning for this, than they would do for their own wedding day. 


They have researched the most likely WOD’s to appear, which movements are regular Open favourites and have spent at least 1 hour a day practising them… for the last 3 months. 


They have scheduled their food intake, social life and work commitments around the Open so that they have time to a) see how everyone else has gone on, b) complete the WOD at the optimum time of day, c) left enough time to re-do the WOD after the appropriate recovery time. 


Love them or hate them, you can’t deny that their enthusiasm is contagious and they will undoubtedly reignite your motivation for taking part. 


  • “The Social Butterfly”


Everyone else is doing it and they don’t want to miss out. 


What a fantastic opportunity to get more involved in the box and it’s social opportunities. Cheering everyone else on, getting stuck in themselves too.  Not to mention the possibility of more interaction after the WODs with maybe a few beers and a pizza?


They may not have a clue what’s going on during the WODs, or even be able to do half the movements, but they will be there, encouraging and supporting everyone else nevertheless. 


Thank goodness for their positivity and fun spirit. 


  • The Bah-Humbug 


They bloody hate the Open and Glassman’s apparent trick to get more cash out of his loyal followers. The Open is for losers and only good for the top 20 from each country. The rest of you might as well just flush £20 down the loo. 


Despite the endless protestations about what a complete waste of time it is to find out that you rank 156,398 in the world, they will be there, doing the Open WODs with you. They will even get a little bit stressed out that things didn’t quite go their way (rowers are only for tall people etc) and I bet you they even end up re-doing a WOD along the way!


They are the CrossFit equivalent of a grumpy uncle sat at the Christmas table with a Christmas cracker hat on! Just leave them alone in their funk and they are more than happy to participate!


Whatever your approach, I hope you have fun and don’t get too stressed out by it all. For most of us it’s just another WOD (one we have to actually complete ALL the reps in). 


Here are our Top Tips for you…


  1. Fuel yourself properly. The wods are challenging and you want to make sure you’ve got enough energy in the tank. It’s easy to forget about eating properly when you are a bit nervous, so maybe have a larger breakfast or lunch to prepare yourself for later. 


  1. Rest. Time your wod’s so that you have had some rest and recovery between them. It’s probably not a great idea to finish a 12 hour shift at work and then attempt an open workout half an hour later. Have a think about the optimum time for you. Nor do you want to re-do a gruelling workout and then have to complete the next one in a short time frame. Be sensible. You only have one body and you don’t want to be picking up an injury because you were tired. 


  1. Make sure you have the kit that you need. If you usually use a weightlifting belt, then make sure you have it close by in the WODs. The few seconds it takes to put it on will be worth it if it protects your back for the long term. 


  1. Hands! File your callouses at least a day before you plan to do the open WOD. You don’t want your hands too soft either. The open usually has high reps of gymnastics movements and a tear this week could mean disaster for the week after. Check out our PicSil Eagle grips, they are the best we have ever tried. Super grippy on the rig, lightweight so you can get a full hand grip and the micro-diamond technology material protects you from rips and tears. 


  1. Have the right attitude. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the Open and worry about performing well. 5 weeks is a long time to be stressed and anxious about it, especially for the people you live and work with. In short, don’t be a dick. Be kind and encouraging to others, remember that your terrible results might be far better than most people could ever hope to achieve, so no stomping around in a shitty mood please. 


So let’s get going then! Have fun!

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