Which CrossFit Trainers should I get?

So you’ve been going to Crossfit for a couple of months now, and despite all of your friends laughing at you and saying it’s only for lunatics, you’ve started to realise that you quite like it. You’re not a fully fledged member of the CrossFit Wankers cult yet, but you’d like to start putting a little bit more effort and focus into it.


Well, the first step obviously is to get yourself some proper kit. Some special CrossFit clothes, grips, tape, shorts, socks etc etc but above all else, CrossFit shoes are of the upmost importance. Which brings about the most commonly uttered phrase across all boxes, “which CrossFit trainers should I get?”


But not just words spoken by newbies, the quest for the perfect CrossFit shoe is never ending. 


Here at wodmylife headquarters, we have decided to do a little it of research into this crazy trainer obsession. We asked a group of CrossFitter’s whose experience in the sport ranges from 1 year to 10 years. The results are in….

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I’ve heard it said more than a few times, that most CrossFitters think that the people in their box are the only ones most likely to survive a zombie apocalypse. So we asked them, if that started today, which trainers are you putting on your feet?

CrossFit trainers crossFit T shirt gym top

Interestingly, this is something that our research group put a lot of thought into…


Adidas boosts, I need to run fast


Probably my pink nano 7’s so they can see a flying trainer come to their head if I have to kick them


Nano 2’s are zombie proof, I’m pretty sure


I’m going with my Adidas Boosts, they’re gonna be on my feet for a long time so they need to be comfy. 


hmm, probably my coaching shoes as they are the comfiest. But if it has to be crossfit shoes, then my metcons coz they look the nicest. 


On the basis that this is the shoe I am wearing for the rest of my life (ie until I am eaten by zombies) it’s the Nano 2’s. Which are without doubt the comfiest CF shoe around.


My new white and orange Nano 2’s. Cos they’re new. 


In conclusion:


  1. There is no simple answer. Reebok Nano 2’s seem to be the most popular choice for most CrossFit activities and also for running from zombies. 
  2. The Adidas Boost is a great choice for running dominated WODs ( I also like these for burpees and box jumps)
  3. “Lifters” (weightlifting shoes) seem to be an essential part of the kit. These help by elevating your heel which makes a squatting movement easier. 
  4. Nike Metcons feature heavily in everyone’s gym bag. They are a personal favourite of mine as they seem to have a bit more bounce than my Nano 7’s. But hey ho, it’s a personal thing. 


Where to buy?

I’d recommend trying a few on if you can before you buy. I’m sure that the guys in your gym would let you try theirs on to check the fit. But these days, most sports trainers are bought online. Retailers such as W.I.T. (https://www.wit-fitness.com) have a brilliant selection, are super helpful and have a 30 day returns policy. 


And don’t forget your CrossFit T shirts too..

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