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Video from the recent M Squared competition. 

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Located just on the outskirts of industrial Manchester, M Squared Fitness is, on first glances, what you would expect from a CrossFit box. A converted warehouse with high ceilings, little heating, rubber matting and a wide range of weights and equipment.


That is where the similarities end.


After spending more than one minute in the box, you can both see and feel that it is different. At M Squared Fitness, there is a little bit of magic sparkle in the air.


Owner and Founder, Em Saville has looked at every aspect of her box and made it both stylish and welcoming. She has successfully managed to recreate the raw, primal instinct to do battle in the box, pioneered by Glassman’s original firebreathers back in the 1990’s. However, this underlying force de nature is built upon a collective spirit of warmth, fun and family. A welcoming and wholly supportive community. Very often the M Squared members are found lounging around on the antique leather sofas before and after classes, chatting and joking. Everyone knows everyone here, and you are just as important to the gang whether your 1 rep max power clean is 25kg or 125kg.


The Ethos is led by Em.

ic: Em Saville, owner of M Squared Fitness

Em herself is a phenomenal athlete, having both incredible strength physically and mentally. She had a varied sporting career in London as a professional dancer and martial artist, including an appearance on Gladiators, which is quite frankly in my opinion, as close as a human can get to being bloody perfect! Following a groin injury whilst breakdancing (!) she came back up North to rehab. During this time she discovered CrossFit and quickly became a powerful athlete. The videos of Em competing a few years ago are beautiful to watch. Strength combined with smooth movement. In 2014 in a freak scooter accident on holiday, she nearly lost her leg which has for the moment, halted her competitive CrossFit career. The repeated injuries must have taken their toll on Em, but she has remained determined to come back stronger than ever. She asks members to leave their ego at the door and more importantly, “BE YOUR OWN HERO”. This motto is emblazoned on the back of the M Squared black jumpers and is a constant reminder that we are the only person we should measure ourselves against.



From a member’s point of view, Em’s injury history provides a unique insight into how to overcome obstacles. She can empathise when you are struggling and can adapt the WODs to avoid or rehab injuries.


The Rise of M Squared Fitness

Over the last 12-18 months she has been in rehab from a persistent shoulder injury. During this time she has thrown herself into nurturing the rise M Squared Fitness into a dominant CrossFit box in the North of England. She has committed herself into being the best coach and inspiration for others and has developed a strong team of coaches and interns, led by the swimming champion Emma Gage. The culture at M Squared is underpinned by two principles: To be excellent - excellent technique is insisted upon and even the elite athletes are coached to the minute detail. And to never give upIf you keep these two principles at the forefront of your mind when you train at M Squared, you won’t go far wrong.

ic: Neil Shearer Photography

2019 is set to be a fantastic year for M Squared.

January was a busy month...

M Squared hosted the first of their FeMale mixed pairs weekend competitions.  Women on the Saturday, Men on the Sunday. Always a highly anticipated, sold out competition. Entrants are from M Squared and the surrounding Northern boxes. Often a few Regional Games competitors enter so the standard is high. 

The FeMale competition returns with a twist on 13th & 14th April. This time it's mixed pairs, which will be interesting!! It's going to be FUN FUN FUN. There are still some places left, so grab your partner and book now at: 

The CrossFit Weightlifting weekend course is being hosted by M Squared on 27th/28th April. This is a CrossFit speciality course focusing on the snatch and the clean and jerk which bring speed, power, coordination, agility, accuracy and balance to training and are indispensable to CrossFit programming and developing a well-rounded athlete. To book your place visit


Summer 2019 is going to be BUSY!

Following a successful camping collaboration with District L in the Lake District in 2018, the two CrossFit powerhouses are currently working on plans on to hold an outdoor sports day event in Summer 2019. Watch this space for more information soon.

Not satisfied with just one mega weekend of CrossFit competing, District L and M Squared have gone retro and are throwing down "Sports Daze" on the 11th/ 12th May. A fantastically exciting weekend mashup of barbells, sandbags and an athletics stadium. Promising to be a fun take on a retro school sports day mixed with functional fitness! This takes place at Longford Park Stadium, Manchester and will be a CrossFit competition like no other!

There is the annual Summer FeMale Competition on 27th/28th July. Similar in structure to the January competition, but with slightly less clothes worn! Last year’s Summer FeMale competition had a vibrant festival feel, with many CrossFit businesses showcasing their products. I’d highly recommend getting involved either as a competitor, stall holder or spectator. It’s a brilliant event for all the family.


 Running throughout the year is the Foundations course. Usually held on a Tuesday evening, you will be met by Em and her enthusiastic team and taught the basic movements involved in CrossFit workouts. Whether you have never been in a gym in your life before or you went to the London Olympics, everyone goes through the same Foundations training.


Whilst taking part in the Foundations course you can also have a sneaky watch of the 6pm and 7pm CrossFit classes running. This can be loud! It can be fast! It can be very overwhelming. But look closely and you will see the massive variety of athletes taking part. You will see a couple in their 70’s next to an outstanding 15 year old with a huge career ahead, and everyone in between.


M Squared is an easy place to find, just by the M56 and M60 interchange. If you are in Manchester for work, visiting friends or here to watch the football, come along for a drop in session. You can take part in a class, new people are always welcomed, or have an open gym session. Just drop Em a quick message and let her know you are on your way:



M Squared Fitness

Leestone Road, Sharston Industrial Estate, Manchester M22 4RN

0161 495 7121

Instagram @m_squared_fitness

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