Have my Gymnastic grip prayers finally been answered?

I first came across Picsil grips at the start of the 2019 when I visited their stand at the Strength in Depth sanctional event in London. They looked very flashy, with some impressive A List athlete endorsments, such as Sam Briggs (winner of the Spirit of the Games award 2019) and Bjorgvin Gudmundsson (Third Fittest Man in the World 2019). But surely all grips are pretty much the same?

I have tried almost every type of hand protection out there since starting Crossfit 18 months ago. I have bony, small hands and which blister and rip easily (at around the 10 pull ups mark). Needless to say, this has had an impact on my gymnastics development. And it would seem that I'm not the only one!

I have tried jawgrips, tape, full hand gloves, barehand gloves, leather gymnastics grips etc etc. None of which have a) stopped the damage to my hands or b) given me any confidence that I am gripped onto the bar safely.

I became massively frustrated during the early 2019 Open workouts as my avoidance of gymnastics was very evident and I was cross with myself for not putting the time or effort in. 

So, post Open I had a renewed focus on my gymnastics. I signed up to an online training program and decided to sort out my hand protection.

The Universe seemed aligned to this as I came across the launch of the brand new Picsil Eagle grips, promising;

Thin, soft, resistant and with the best grip that has ever been made thanks to its micro diamonds technology.

Feel the grip of an eagle every time you grab onto the bar.”


I thought this sounds like the perfect product for me. Fast forward a couple of weeks and I was amongst the first in the UK to have a pair on my hands. The guys at Picsil were so helpful and enthusiastic about sending me a pair and their excitement definitely passed onto me. 

At the first opportunity I was off down to the gym, with my brand new shiny white Picsil box. There has been considerable time, thought and planning gone into the packaging and presentation of this product. It is shiny and glossy, a bit like opening an expensive box from a jewellery store. Excitement definitely mounting!

I had measured my hand in accordance with the Picsil instructions and they fit well. They are a very thin, flexible material with the wrist straps are firm but not bulky. They are incredibly light. I have the 3 hole variant, two holes are also available if you prefer them. 

I have tried them with my fingers in the holes, out of the holes and have settled with my finger in the middle hole. I don’t know why, they just feel right there and it’s easy to bob my finger out of them when moving from the rig to the barbell during a WOD. 

I haven’t worn any type of grip or protection for about a year, so they did feel alien for about a week. I was a little worried that I wasn’t going to be able to get on with them, but after a few times of using them I gained confidence. They are extremely thin, so I can get my hands on the rig without losing grip. If anything, they give extra grip. The material used is designed with diamond technology….

The fabric of the Eagle Grips uses the micro diamonds technology.

This probably doesn’t mean anything to you, but let me tell you what it’s good for:

  • To have the best grip that anyone has ever had with any pair of gymnastics grips;
  • To retain the chalk applied on the grips for longer.

The first time I read this claim I thought, wow, this is absolutely brilliant marketing! Diamond technology, this sounds fancy! I will be completely honest, this product does exactly what it claims to do. 

They allow a fantastic grip. 
They do hold the chalk. 
My hands stay cool and un-damaged


They even come with a little black clasp which is there for you to hang your grips to the outside of your bag. Allowing them to air dry and stay fresh. I really like this extra touch. The guys at Picsil have really thought this product out properly and have been thinking about the long term use of it, making sure that they perform every time. 

I strongly recommend that you get a pair, you won’t be disappointed. 

picsil eagle grips

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